Printers and Managed Printers

    Managed Print Services is a program offered by print providers that manage all aspects of your business printing devices, including printers, scanners, faxes and copiers. By optimizing these devices, businesses save money, produce less paper waste and increase efficiency. Here are eight ways Managed Print Service (MPS) programs could benefit your company. Managed print also helps you improve environmental sustainability and document security. By "printing," we mean the total cost of managing and optimizing your printers, their output, and the people and processes that support these devices.

One of the first things to be assessed is the need and use of local printers. Typically, they are inefficient and more costly than realized. These printers only service one user and are rarely networked, making them inefficient in most business environments. They also often require unique cartridges that are more costly and prone to causing purchasing and inventory tracking challenges.

Benefits of Printers and Managed printers!

  • Printer fleet reduction. – An MPS solution can provide you with the information you need to effectively consolidate your customers' printer fleets, get rid of unnecessary devices and replace those that are nearing their end of life.
  • Reduced print volumes – MPS can help you optimize print processes for your customers, reduce unecessary printing and cut down on wasted supplies.
  • Improved security – MPS program can offer an additional level of security by encrypting device data and using comprehensive permissions to ensure people only have access to the information they need.
  • Remote management – Managed print provides you with remote access to your users’ fleets for supplies fulfillment, meter collection and billing, remote remediation and more.

Advantages of buying Managed printers in peritas

  • Low Maintenance
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Increased efficiency
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Increase productivity.
  • Improved sustainability
  • Reduce and control printing costs