Dedicated Content filtering

    An Internet content filtering solution is an essential tool for organizations concerned about their cybersecurity. Internet content filter solutions help to prevent web users from visiting webpages harboring malware and computer viruses, and inadvertently downloading infections onto an organization´s computer system or network.

There are many different types of Internet content filtering solution, and evaluating which is the most suitable for your organization will depend on what you hope the Internet content filtering solution will achieve, how many resources you are prepared to dedicate to administrating the Internet access control solution, and how much financially you are willing to invest.

Compatibility, flexibility, and scalability are quite often the three factors overlooked when evaluating Internet content filter solutions. This article aims to illustrate why these three factors are so important, and recommends key features you should look for in an Internet content filtering solution to reduce the amount of evaluating you will have to do.

Contents to be filtered!

The content filtering will be used by companies mainly to increase the production by blocking the unwanted and social sites from access.The fallowing is the list which can be blocked.

  • Social networking sites
  • Adult contents
  • Torrent sites
  • Unnecessary searches

The Importance of Flexibility in a Web Access Filter Solution

Irrespective of the size of your organization and the nature of its operations, it is recommended that you select a web access filter solution that is as flexible as possible. Flexibility allows administrators to set filtering controls by user, user group, department and time. This means, for example, only the marketing department may be able to access Facebook during working hours, but any member of staff can access the social media site in their own time.

The degree of flexibility your organization needs will likely be determined by your organization´s acceptable use policies. However, acceptable use policies are subject to change as new working practices are introduced, technology advances, or – if your organization is located in a regulated industry – as new laws are enacted. Therefore it can also be wise to select a website access filter solution that is easy to configure as changes are necessary.