Vulnerability Assistance & Vulnerability Testing

    Hackers are getting bolder and more creative in the way they attempt to penetrate the networks and websites of enterprises. Survey data has consistently proved that around 70% of such attacks are from disgruntled or malicious employees. Therefore it is very important for enterprises to test the robustness of their security infrastructure (the firewall policies, type of IDS etc.) and their Information Security Management System (the password policy, privileges given to employees to access various systems etc.). This is done through periodic 'penetration testing' exercises and action taken on any gaps and weaknesses unearthed.

All applications and operating systems have in-built vulnerabilities due to improper development of their software code. These vulnerabilities can be used by hackers to launch attacks on the network, websites and servers of enterprises. Such attacks can result in costly downtime, theft of proprietary information and loss of customer data. This can result in loss of image among customers as well as costly lawsuits filed by customers or regulatory agencies. It is important for enterprises to periodically assess these vulnerabilities and patch them to avoid such attacks.

Benefits of VA/PT!

The Access control will be widely used in companies and industries, some way it can be used to mark there attendance alse.

  • Manage the Risk Properly
  • Increase Business Continuity
  • Protect Clients, Partners, and Third Parties
  • Helps to Evaluate Security Investment
  • Help Protect Public Relationships and Guard the reputation of your company

Ways of penetration testing

  • PCI Penetration Testing
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Penetration Testing
  • Infrastructure Penetration Testing