Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Backup and disaster recovery are not directly interchangeable terms; but disaster recovery is not possible without backup in the first place. Disaster recovery is having the tested wherewithal to get systems restored and running as quickly as possible, including the associated data. The increasing use of virtualisation has changed the way disaster recovery is carried out because, in a virtual world, a system can be recovered by duplicating images of virtual machines (VM) and recreating them elsewhere. VM replication, disaster recovery and the way the market has adapted to virtualisation are critical topics to consider.

Disaster recovery is cheaper, quicker, easier and more complete in a virtual world. In the idiom of backup, faster recovery time objectives (RTOs) are easier to achieve. At least, that is the theory, but it can get more complicated with the need to co-ordinate different VMs that rely on each other – for example an application VM and a database VM – so testing recovery is still paramount and can forestall problems in live systems.

Benefits of Backup & Disaster Management!

  • Backup and disaster recovery solutions help preserve a company’s reputation with customers and partners.
  • Backup and disaster recovery helps ensure compliance with industry regulations.
  • Better inventory and network management
  • Task redundancy and Cost management
  • Quick data backup and reduced recovery time
  • Don’t let your competitors overtake business

Backup & Disaster management in peritas

  • Fully cloud based storage technique
  • Full guaranty for the security of your data
  • No data loss
  • Latest storage technique
  • Prevention from privacy of your data
  • Full accessible at any time(only for authorized peoples)
  • Regular maintenance of the storage devices.